Hostel Facility

GIMDSPU and Degree College provides the highest quality of education, comprising all the necessary coaching and training for holistic development of every student, with the Best-in-Class Hostel facility, made available for the coming academic year 2015.

State of the Art Teaching Aids

Adequate audio-visual teaching aids (including television, projectors, (demonstrable,) instructional models and tools) are available to support the teaching faculty in achieving effective delivery of lectures and transfer of knowledge to the students.

Science lab

Very well furnished and equipped Physics , Biology and Chemistry laboratories are provided for the experiments and practical sessions 


The library is user-friendly and complete with all the required academic texts, referrals, periodicals, journals, magazines and news papers. Every student is having necessary & equitable access to internet.


The Cafeteria is designed to be clean, hygienic and environment friendly.

Sports, Yoga & Fitness Centres

In order to achieve holistic growth and development of every student (Physical, Mental & Emotional), Yoga, sports and fitness activities form a part of the curriculum.

Auditorium / Conference hall

The in-door auditorium / conference hall is designed to flexibly accommodate small and large groups for seminars, workshops, meetings and exhibitions.

Computer Labs with broad-band internet connectivity

The computer lab is equipped with adequate desk-top terminals supported by broad-band internet connectivity to serve the training needs of the students equitably distributed in batches for dedicated access and study.

Green parks & quite study areas

The shady trees and aesthetically landscaped open areas of the campus provide natural sit-out, tranquil study areas for the students.

GIMDS has been started with the vision “To be a global institution shaping responsible world class professionals and leaders in the continuously evolving environment”. To achieve this, we have carefully selected the Faculty, with the requisite qualification, and an aptitude to meet the ever changing Industry demands.

Our college’s layout has been developed in such a manner, filled with full of Natural Freshness, and the building has been raised in centre of 8 acre of land, surrounded with lush greenery. It has ample amount of space for outdoor sports. The overall Architectural elements have been aligned with modernism, which enhances natural ventilation and natural lighting.

Environmental protection has been promoted in the campus, where we have unwritten environmental policy to protect mother earth. Every area has been utilized to grow different floras and which is sustaining a small fauna , in midst of Industrial area.

Water conservation measures such as drip irrigation, rain water management has been put in place and a small lake, with canals connected has been created to store the water in rainy seasons  . 

The students have a peaceful, naturally green, healthy environment for their Physical and Academic well-being .The students and faculty get rejuvenated every day in this beautiful environment and excel in their routine works. As the atmosphere is uniquely amicable, the absenteeism due to health problems is very low in our college.

Every different species of Plants and Tree have been tagged with their Regional and Scientific name plates, for their identification and has been used as teaching tool.

Having realized the Transformation of the Academics only into Subject will not yield result in developing the Holistic personality of the students, we have combined the best from natural environment and academic environment.


The out-door amphitheatre surrounded by lush green landscaping shall accommodate large gatherings for sport-meets, cultural activities, concerts, carnivals and symposiums.